MHHS Yearbook

How to Buy a Yearbook

To purchase your yearbook, go here.

Yearbooks are currently starting at $80! Prices go up to $85 after January 25th!

Seniors: Your books will be mailed home to you. Please make sure your address will be an address you will be at after graduation (Books ship in August).

Underclassmen: Your books will be distributed before school in August. If you move, please email Ms. Fischetti at with a name of someone who will pick up your book for you. WE DO NOT SHIP BOOKS.


Senior Recognition Ad

To purchase a Senior Recognition ad, go here.

Ad prices are:

Full Page          $250

Half Page          $150

1/4 Page           $80

1/8 Page           $50


Underclassmen Make-up Dates:

Underclassmen portrait make-up day is December 13. Students who were absent for underclassmen portrait day or bought a package and wish to retake their photos can go down during their English class time to get their portraits taken. Please email Ms. Fischetti with any questions at


Senior Portrait Information

Q: When are senior portraits?

A: The final school date for senior portraits is January 8, 2019. If you are unable to do this date, please call Lifetouch at 410-644-7700 to schedule an appointment at their Baltimore studio. Please note that studio appointments have a $10 sitting fee. Prestige Portraits (senior portrait branch of Lifetouch) mailed an appointment postcard to students with their appointment time.


Q: What if I do not know my appointment time OR I cannot make that time?

A: Please call Prestige Portraits (senior portrait branch of Lifetouch) at 410-644-7700


Q: What should I do if I cannot make any of portrait dates at the school?

A: Students can call Prestige Portraits at 410-644-7700 and set up an appointment at their Baltimore studio. Please note: there is a $10 sitting fee for the studio


Q: How much does it cost to sit for portraits?

A: It depends on how many pictures you take. The packages Prestige Portraits offers are below:


Q: On average, what can I expect to spend?

A: With Prestige Portraits, approximately $250-$275 (depending on add-ons, retouching, etc.). This would include multiple poses with multiple prints sizes of 8x10s, 5x7s, 4x5s, and quite a few wallets as well as wallet personalization, a wallet album, and wallet box.


Q: What do I need to wear for my senior portrait?

A: Depends on the package you select! For the formal yearbook photo, you have the choice between tuxedo and drape. For drape: wear a strapless or spaghetti tank top where the straps can be pulled down the shoulders. For tuxedo: wear a plain white t-shirt. Don’t worry about the bottoms because they will not be seen in the formal portrait.

For casual photos: you can pick what outfit you wish to wear. Props are allowed as long as they are school appropriate and adhere to school policy.


Q: What should a formal yearbook portrait look like?

A: All portraits must be of professional quality. The yearbook reserves the right to refuse portraits if they do not meet the quality necessary to be published in the yearbook. Formal portraits should have a professional blue background and include tuxedo or drape.


Q: When is the deadline for senior portraits?
A: The deadline for senior portraits is Thursday, January 31, 2018. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. No portraits will be accepted after this date. If your portrait is by Prestige Portraits (Lifetouch) you do not need to worry about submitting to the yearbook; the portrait will be sent to the school on a CD. Make sure you select your photo for the yearbook before this date.


Q: What if I took my portrait with an outside photographer?

A: If you are submitting a portrait from an outside photographer, please have them email it to with a subject line of “Senior Portrait [Last Name of Student], [First Name of Student]”. It should be attached as a .jpeg file. Please note that the yearbook reserves the right to not accept portraits that are not high enough quality.


Q: What about optional casual portraits to go next to my formal portrait?

A: Deadlines for optional casual portraits will be March 29, 2019. Please email it to with a subject line of “Casual Senior Portrait [Last Name of Student], [First Name of Student]”.


Q: I am still confused. : (

A: Email Ms. Fischetti at with any questions!