Activities and Clubs

A Great Way to Get Involved! Join a Club!

All of our clubs are listed below, but in order to join, check out your student Canvas page where you will find links and members.  Our Viking Backers parent organization is a huge supporter of our student clubs.  By supporting them, you're supporting all of our students.

1600 Club

The 1600 Club's purpose is to assist students with two important tests they will take in high school to get into college: the SAT and ACT.  Its goal is to teach and aid students with the topics encountered in the SAT and ACT and present strategies to help improve their scores.  Another goal of the club will be offer volunteer opportunities to students such as tutoring, community, and more.  For more information, please contact Jennifer Green @ 

A Cappella Club

The purpose of this club is to sing a cappella music (like Pitch Perfect and The Sing Off) with students in and outside of the music department. This ensemble will allow us to expand the offerings of the choir program and give those whose schedules do not allow a chance to sing.  Our goals and objectives are to put on a concert at least twice a year and, ultimately, to compete in state and national a cappella competitions.  We will meet once a week on Thursdays from 12:00 PM – 12:45 PM. For more information, please contact Nicholas Dogas @

Academic Decathlon Club

The purpose of the club is to enroll and allow our school to participate in the United States Academic Decathlon competition while training and preparing a well-established team to compete in the regional, state, and national level events.  For more information, please contact Bobby Macheel @

Active Minds

The Active Minds is a club that focuses on providing mental health awareness information to all students.  The club meets biweekly to plan events that promote an understanding of mental health issues in our society and provides supports for mentally healthy lifestyles. The Active Minds Club meets twice a month in the Student Services Office. For more information, please contact Teresa Serkes @


African Affairs Club

The African Affairs Club celebrates African cultures and heritage at Mount Hebron, and along with activities every meeting, the club also works on projects raising money throughout the year that contribute to the African/African American community. The AAC will meet twice a month on Wednesdays in room 152. For more information, please contact Lisa Viglotti @

Alpha Achievers

Targeting African-American males in grades 9-12, the Alpha Achievers Club is an educational program of the Howard County, Maryland Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.  The program aims to foster a positive learning environment in order to facilitate students’ pursuit of excellence, helping them attain, maintain and exceed a 3.0 grade point average. For more information, please contact Veronica Valentine @

Amnesty International Club

The Amnesty International Club discusses current topics and issues related to various human rights movements and organizes and plans innovative fundraisers to support these movements. The club spreads awareness and tries to connect youth to current issues within our society and the world. They hope to inspire students to stand up for issues that they are passionate about. For more information, please contact Allie Downey @ allison_downey

Aquatics Club

The Aquatics Club is an inclusive club for any student who likes to swim, whether they swim year-round, only in the summer, or swam when they were younger.  We meet approximately six times per year, and we host a few bake sales to raise money for our culminating activity of the year, which is the Howard County High School swim meet.  For more information, please contact Sarah Schmidt @

Art Club

The Art Club consists of students who are working towards induction into the NAHS on school-wide arts related service projects. The club meets after school on Fridays in room 123. We volunteer within our community to promote the arts in various ways such as volunteer teaching for art extravaganza day at pointers Run Elementary School, face painting at home games, organizing a talent showcase each year for student performers called "Coffee House," assisting with visuals such as bulletin boards & poster making, and arts advocacy.

Badminton Club

The Badminton Club is fun and all-inclusive group! We welcome all skill levels to join! Participants may attend as much or as little as possible on the meeting dates. Members are required to bring their own racquet. The Badminton Club meets on Wednesday's and Friday’s, weather permitting, from September thru November outside on the tennis courts, unless an announced meeting in Classroom #156. For more information, please contact Melissa McCarthy @

Baking Club

The baking club is for students that enjoy baking and are passionate about it! This club is about making new friends, finding new and cool recipes and teaching other students how to bake. We will do many bake sales to raise funds for the school and homeless shelters. For more information, please contact Karen McKenzie @ or Sheila Winters @

Best Buddies

The Best Buddies Club is a group that fosters friendships between individuals with and without disabilities. All members attend monthly meetings and special events.  Peer buddies are paired with a buddy and together, they do monthly activities outside of school. Best Buddies meets the second Wednesday of each month immediately after school until 3:30 pm in the cafeteria. For more information, please contact Meenakshi Koul @

Biology Olympiad

The goal of the Biology Olympiad is to prepare for the USA Biology Olympiad Test, learn more about Biology, and develop a good Community.  For more information, please contact Rusty Long @

Black Student Union

The mission of Mt. Hebron’s Black Student Union(BSU) is to promote academic excellence, social awareness, and to celebrate African-American culture, through student engagement, empowerment & education.  To receive meeting reminders and other updates, sign up for BSU on Canvas or contact Maurislyn Green @ or Sean Jones @

Break Dance & Hip Hop Club

A Hip-Hop/Breakdancing Club for anyone who would be interested in learning the dance, culture, and having some fun! No previous experienced required just a positive attitude! The Break Dance Club meets every Tuesday and every other Friday in the Cafeteria immediately after school.  The Break Dance & Hip Hop Club meets every Tuesday and every other Friday in the Cafeteria immediately after school. For more information, please contact Jennifer Green @                         

Chamber Music Club

The Chamber Music Club's purpose is to play in groups of small ensembles by exploring different styles and genres of music, as well as play at events and care centers.  Our goal is to work cooperatively with others, be persistent, positive, and determined, have fun, and give back to the community.  We will meet on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at 3:30 pm. For more information, please contact Mr. David Shumway @

Chess Club

The Chess Club is for students who are interested in incorporating competition, tactics, in-depth strategy for a game. If you would like to compete with passionate chess players, we compete in county-wide tournaments. However if you are just interested in learning how to play chess or refining your skills or just having a good time, this club is for you! The Chess Team is currently accepting all ages and skill level players. The Chess Club meets every Tuesday after school in Classroom #003 (field Level). For more information, please contact Michael Gorleski @

Class Boards

The Class Boards are open to all students in each grade level and are made up of students eager to be active at Mt Hebron High School. As Organizations separate from SGA, each Class Board plans many student events over the course of four years including the Homecoming Dance, Prom, and senior events. For more information on each Class Board, please contact the Sponsor.

Class of 2021

Sponsors: Suzanne Aubin, Mike Tittsworth and Tommy Tittsworth, and

Class of 2022

Sponsors: Melissa McCarthy and Jim Gundlach and

Class of 2023

Sponsors: Sam Brookhart, Teyarnte Carter and Rachel Gostomski, and

Class of 2024

Sponsors: Eric Duke, Greg Murach and Lisa Vitali,, and

Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club is for students who desire to become acquainted with the computing profession as we meet to discuss exciting technology subjects such as programming languages, computer development, cyber security, app development, programming contests, hack-a-thons, and Capture the Flag (CTF) tournaments. For more information, please contact James Gundlach @

Computer Science Olympiad

Computer Science Olympiad provides a place for students to practice computer science, expand their skills, and apply their knowledge to theoretical problems. We prepare for county-wide Computer Science Olympiad competitions held throughout the year.  For more information, please contact Jim Gunlach @

Conditioning Club

The Conditioning Club meets in September thru mid-November and is open to all students in Grades 9-12 who are interested in getting in shape or staying in shape. The club focuses on Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular Strength and Muscular Endurance. The Conditioning Club meets every day after school on the track, weather permitting, or in the weight room if the weather is inclement. For more information, please contact Teyarnte Carter @


The Mt. Hebron Community Political Engagement Club (CPEC) is a student run organization that seeks to educate and empower our community through active engagement in local politics. CPEC hosts forums with our Board of Education candidates and candidates from the county and state levels and attends events that relate to local community and political issues. CPEC is open to all students interested in political participation, earning service hours, and making a difference in the community through action. For more information please contact Eric Duke @

Cricket Club

This club is open to any student who is a cricket lover!  The club  has real equipment for you to play with.  Since it’s too dangerous to play with the leather ball, a tennis ball will be used instead!  No matter what your skill level is, you’re welcome to join if you’re interested! For more information please contact Ms. G @

Cyber Security Club

The Cyber Security Club is designed to enhance student’s knowledge in cyber safety and security. Students will learn about cyber security and how to defend against cyber-attacks. Students will also participate in cyber security competitions such as cyber patriots, digital forensic and hackathon. The cyber security club meets virtually and on weekends to prepare for the Cyber Patriot Competition held throughout the year. For more information, please contact James Gundlach at

Cycling Club

The Cycling Club is designed to promote the sport of cycling; increase the number of students who ride bicycles; discuss cycling safety; allow like-minded individuals to meet and discuss cycling; demonstrate how to fix bicycles for personal use as well as fix them to donate them to charity and/or repair them for those who cannot afford to get them repaired themselves. The cycling club will meet during Viking Time and/or after school from 2:15-3:00PM in Classroom #001. For more information, please contact Mr. Dennis Champney

Educators Rising (formerly Future Educators of America)

This club is for students considering a career in education. We provide passionate young people with hands-on education experience, sustain their interest in the profession, and help them cultivate the skills they need to be successful educators. Students also volunteer with various education based service projects and reading competitions for elementary age students. The Club meets once a month and more regularly in the Spring, during Viking Time in Classroom #103. For more information, please contact Jared Ettinger @

Endangered Species Club

The purpose of the Endangered Species Club is to educate others about endangered species both around the world and in our community.  We would inform others on how animals affect our way of life and how without them, serious and fatal changes can occur.  For more information, please contact Joanne McGarry @

Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club has been established for all students interested in starting their own business. Students will learn how to write a business plan and to coordinate and delegate business operations. The Entrepreneurship Club meets after school on Thursday’s in Classroom #001/003. For more information, please contact Dennis Champney @

Environmental Club

Are you passionate about the environment? Do you want to help make Mount Hebron a more eco-friendly place? Join the Environmental Club and help us get green school certified! We're so happy to have you!  For more information, please contact Amy Mongano @

Environthon Club

For more information, please contact Amy Mongano @

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is open to all students regardless of faith or background. It is Club whereby students can openly discuss sports, faith and school. The FCA Club meets after school twice a month on Wednesdays in Classroom #107. For more information, please contact Richard Ireland @

Film Club

The Film Club is for all students who want to explore the art of filmmaking.  You will be able to use your creativity and learn video production skills to create films by yourself or in groups.  Films could be created to enter in the HoCo Film Festival, school news broadcasts, or other projects that may arise or that the club would like to create.  Since the club in just starting in the 20-21 school year, meeting times have not been determined.  For more information, please contact Tracy Richter @

First Robotics

The First Robotics Club Combines the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology. Under strict rules, limited resources, and an intense six-week time limit, teams of students are challenged to raise funds, design a team "brand," hone teamwork skills, and build and program industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game against like-minded competitors. All interested students can contact Steve Nolan for more details at

Fishing Club

The Fishing Club is for students who enjoy fishing. Students in the fishing club socially network to find other anglers in the Mt Hebron High School Community. Students share fishing locations, procedures and tips. The Fishing Club meets once a month in Classroom #001. For more information, please contact Dennis Champney @

French Club

The French Club is about celebrating all things related to Francophone Culture. Some of the activities the French Club participates in is includes game days, a French movie day, Mardi Gras party with mask making, and a crepe making day. Joignez-nous/Join us. We meet immediately after school periodically throughout the school. For more information, please contact Christina Crise @

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

Future Business Leaders of America is the largest and one of the oldest career student organizations in the world. FBLA strives to involve students in the business community by assisting them in building a portfolio of documented accomplishments which will complement their academic experience and assist them in preparing for careers in business and business-related fields. For more information, please contact Michael Gorleski @

Future Medical Professionals

The Future Medical Professionals Club is for students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Students will listen to guest speakers in the field, get a chance to achieve their CPR Certification, Volunteer at local hospitals, and discuss what steps they should take to prepare themselves for college and/or admission into medical school. Future Medical Professionals Club meets twice a month. For more information, please contact Joanne McGarry @

German Club

The German Club welcomes any student interested in learning more about German culture, including Holidays and Foods. We bake pretzels, Spatzle, build gingerbread houses before winter break, and we have students perform polka music. The German Club meets periodically throughout the school year in room 127 and always welcomes new members. For more information, please contact Becky Maerten @

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code - Girls Who Code Club is designed to teach young women about the opportunities available for them in the STEM field and to attempt to help young girls close the gender gap in technology careers. Girls who Code will hold meeting throughout the year centered on the national GWC curriculum and provide opportunities for females to participate with other females interested in computer science. For more information, please contact Meenakshi Koul @

Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA)

The mission of HOSA is to empower Future Health Professionals to become leaders in the global health community through education, collaboration, and experience. For more information, please contact Brittany Gutierrez @

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Club’s purpose is to provide support to the elderly and poor of the community through volunteer work. The Helping Hands Club meets biweekly during Viking Time in Classroom #228. For more information, please contact Jennifer Goodwin @

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a Club that closely resembles the Game of Ice Hockey that you see on television, both professional and the Olympics. The Club plays ice hockey games against each of the twelve high schools at various ice rinks around the county. The Ice Hockey Team conducts its practices on Thursdays at the Reisterstown Sportsplex. Games are held at the Columbia Ice Rink and at the Gardens Ice House. For more information, please contact Daniel Blocklin at

Improv Club

For more information about this exciting club, please contact Kathryn Carlsen @

Interact Club

Interact’s purpose is to bring goodwill to the community through service projects. Our projects will target a variety of issues in our community, from environmental concerns, social issues, to helping our school community.  For more information, please contact Jen Goodwin @

Irish Dance Club

The Irish Dance Club teaches students a modernized version of traditional Irish dance and provide practice to those who already know it. For more information, please contact Suzanne Stafford in room 217 or

It's Academic

The It’s Academic Club is modeled after an academic quiz competition for high school students similar to Jeopardy.  The students who participate in It’s Academic compete in tournaments throughout the year against students from various high schools throughout the state of Maryland. For more information, please contact Bryna Weiss @

Junior World Affairs Club

The Junior World Affairs Club raises awareness about the water crisis in Mexico and supports the foundation Isla Urbana to help install rainwater harvesting systems in Mexican urban and rural households, schools, and local clinics as a response to the water crisis. Students volunteer hours to raise money for the cause. For more information, please contact Christina Crise at

Key Club

The Key Club is a student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities for service, to build character and develop leadership. Its core values are leadership, character building, caring and inclusiveness. The Key Club meets on once or twice a month on Wednesday’s in Student Services or Classroom #126. For more information, please contact Jamie Kim @ or visit our website: 

Life AP (Analysis and Philosophy) Club

The Life AP Club is for students pondering the question, “Why”? It’s a club for students to come and examine the human condition and the world we live in by questioning the “Why” in life through analysis and philosophy (AP). Dive below the surface on current issues and challenge your own beliefs about everything. Life AP Club meets on Thursday in room 239 from 2:15 - 3:15 and always welcomes new members. For more information, please contact Matthew Barth @

Los Vikingos Hispanic Club

The Los Vikingos Club is the Mount Hebron High School Hispanic Club for the recognition of the Hispanic/Latino students and culture in our school and community. The Los Vikingos Club meets to discuss club actions, plan events to celebrate the Hispanic/Latino culture, and speak Spanish. For more information, please contact Monique Flores @ or Brittany Gutierrez @

Magic the Gathering/Dungeons & Dragons

The Magic the Gathering and Dungeon & Dragon Club is open to all students who enjoy and have a desire to learn playing trading card games including Magic. The Magic the Gathering/Dungeons & Dragons Club meets every Monday immediately after school from 2:15-3:15 pm in Classroom #143. For more information, please contact Tommy Tittsworth @

Math Team

The Mount Hebron Math Team allows students to engage in friendly interaction with other students from Mount Hebron High School, as well as the other high schools in Howard County. The students engage in higher-level critical thinking and problem solving skills, while at the same time helping MHHS in competition against neighboring schools in the county. For more information, please contact Dani Borgia @ or Farah Jawhar @


Maryland MESA (Math, Engineering, Science Achievement) is an exciting and engaging after-school program for students in grades 3-12 designed to spark their interest in STEM education and STEM careers. Through project-based team competitions, students experience multiple STEM disciplines while developing strong communication and collaboration skills. MESA students are able to see the real-world applications of what they are learning in school and develop the STEM skills they will need in the future. For more information, please contact James Gundlach at

Mickey Mouse Club

The Mickey Mouse Club is for all sorts of Disney fans, from Star Wars and Marvel to Pixar and Disney Parks, the club is a fun space where students talk about Disney-relate topics, play Disney trivia, watch Disney movies, and participate in other Disney-related activities. Students hope to learn more about Disney and have a fun place to discuss the latest news and everything Disney!  For more information, please contact Michelle Vealey @

Millionaire’s Club

The Millionnaires Club is open to all students. The mission of the club is to foster interest in financial literacy and investment topics and to prepare students for the Personal Finance Challenge in April of each year. Cash prizes are awards to top placement teams. Each school can send 2 teams to the competition. The Millionaires Club meets on the third Thursday of the month from 2:15-3:00PM in Classroom #145. For more information, please contact Samantha Brookhart @

Mock Trial Team

Mock Trial is a team of student attorneys and witnesses who prepare a divisive real life case. Debate skills, public speaking, and legal knowledge come together in a real court room to perform a convincing case in front of an authentic judge in order to win. Mock Trial meets once a week on weekends when not competing or during the week if competing on the weekend, in Classroom #119. For more information, please contact Vann Prime @

Model United Nations Club

The Model United Nations Club participants represent nations and influential world figures as they debate pressing global issues. Students get the opportunity to develop their research, public speaking, and critical thinking skills in an exciting, committee setting. For more information, please contact Vann Prime @

Music Appreciation/Performance Club

The Music Appreciation/Performance Club focuses on learning about different genres of music from the past eight centuries. It is for students who enjoy listening to and performing music in a group of fellow music lovers. For more information, please contact Josh Rettenmayer in room 130 or

Muslim Student Association

The MSA or Muslim Student Association is a club primarily attended by students who are Muslim, but is open to students of any faith.  We focus on community service, fund raising, Friday prayers after school and discussion about topics affecting Mount Hebron and the Muslim Community at large.  In addition, we attend MIST, the Muslim Inter Scholastic Tournament, every year. For more information, please contact Kara Brooks-Odom @

Neuroscience Club

This club aims to introduce neuroscience, science research, and advocate for diseases within neuroscience. Club members will have the opportunity to compete in the “Brain Bee,” and have access and membership to the International Youth Neuroscience Association. Meetings are TBD. For more information, please contact Melissa Kiehl @

Notes of Hope

This club aims to bring hope and relief to the elderly and sick in nursing homes and assisted living through music.  Their hope is to put together a musical variety show, showcasing MHHS students for those who are isolated by the pandemic, etc. via Zoom.  For more information, please contact Suzanne Aubin @

Photography Club

All students are welcome to learn to take creative pictures with a purpose to inspire and amaze others. Students will create a photo gallery, take pictures during school events and practice photography skills. The Photography Club will meet every Thursday from 2:15-3:00PM in Classroom #122. For more information, please contact Caroline Creeden @

Physics Olympiad Club

Physics Olympics is a series of physics and engineering team competitions showcasing STEM skills.  At a competition, there is one event that requires students to perform algebraic calculations to answer “Fermi” questions.  Other events involve building and designing devices. Students do not know what these devices are or their purpose until the actual event. The Physics Olympiad Club meets after school twice a week between December thru February and has two competitions, one in January and one in February. For more information, please contact Giang Lu @

POC Author Spotlight Book Club

The purpose of this club is to share literature by people of color and discuss meaningful topics each week.  The goals and objectives for this club are to be a safe space for everyone, to explore history and learn from past and present historical mistakes, to learn about different cultures and races, to consume media often ignored by mainstream media, and to practice equity and respect for all.  For more information, please contact Veronica Valentine @  

Red Cross Club

Red Cross Club provides you and your peers an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in your community by addressing its greatest needs, and develop leadership skills. For more information, please contact Sandy Davis @

Scholars Learning Program

The Scholars Learning Program is a service-based honor society for females, especially African American females, in grades 10 through 12 who have an unweighted GPA of 3.0 or higher. The aim of the program is to prepare the young women for the twenty-first century world through promoting academic excellence, providing leadership opportunities through community service, and providing assistance in goal setting. The Scholars Learning meet twice a month in Classroom #106.

Science Bowl Club

We prepare for the annual Maryland Science Bowl competition at Montgomery College, in which students form teams answer fast paced questions in a quiz show format. The subjects tested are: Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Astronomy, and Environmental Science. Club meetings are generally for quiz practice or competing. For more information please contact Heather Cassetta @

Science Olympiad Club

The Science Olympiad Club conducts various science research and science activities to get the team ready for the Maryland Science Olympiad competition in February of every year.  The mission of Maryland Science Olympiad is dedicated to teamwork and fun science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics competitions that build team skills and highlight the value that diversity brings to a team. For more information, please contact Paul Sabota @

Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA)

SAGA is a club designed to give students a safe place to gather socially, expand friendships as well as a place to learn about and discuss topics related to the LGBTQ+ community.  Both LGBTQ+ students and allies are welcome to attend. SAGA Club meets once a month after school and on Wednesday's during Viking Time in Classroom #238. For more information, please contact Denise Kelehan @

Society of Women Engineers

Society of Women Engineers purpose is to inspire girls to pursue careers in engineering and other STEM related fields and to serve the community through technology related projects. Society of Women Engineers will meet on Wednesdays during Viking Time in Classroom 002. For more information, please contact David Lucania @

South Asia Club

The South Asia Club’s purpose is to carry a strong tradition of spreading South Asian awareness and traditions This is accomplished through social and cultural activities. The South Asia Club meets twice a month on every other Friday in Classroom #222. For more information, please contact Jennifer Green @ and Zoya Riaz @

Speech & Debate Club

This is a club for students to develop public speaking and interpersonal skills, as well as meet new peoples and have a great time!  Our goal is to compete in the virtual events for the national speech and debate competitions, but during the meetings, use games and other fun ways for members to learn public speaking skills that can be used during the competitions!  For more information, please contact Don Walters @

STEM Engineering Club

The STEM Club challenges its students to be creative and innovative in their application of Scientific, Mathematical, and Technological principles to solve a variety of engineering challenges. The STEM Club meets… For more information, please contact Michael Gorleski @

Step Club

The purpose of the Mt. Hebron Step Team is to provide students with an opportunity to participate in a group activity and develop pride, creativity, teamwork, character, rhythm, and unity.  The Step Team represents culture and sound through dance, and members form deep bonds along the way!  If you're looking to express yourself, dance in a non-restrictive setting without prior experience needed, or even just make new friends, Step Team is the place for you.  For more information, please contact Kara Brooks-Odom @ 

Students Helping Honduras Club

Students Helping Honduras hopes to prevent the youth in Honduras from becoming involved in violence and gangs through education. For more information, please see Leslie Ammann in room 150 or email at or Hannah Gonzalez in room 154 or email at

Table Soccer Club

The table soccer club is for any student who has prior experience in the game of table soccer and wants to continue to develop as a player. It is also for students who have never played table soccer and want to learn how to play. The table soccer club provides a fun and competitive environment for all students to make connections and be involved in a no-pressure extracurricular activity. The table soccer club meets Fridays after school in room 228 from 2:15-3:15 p.m., unless specified.  For more information, please contact Jennifer Goodwin @

The Mountain - Mt. Hebron Newspaper

Student-run newspaper that runs stories on student interests, sports, and editorial features.  For more information, contact Rachel Fulchino @


Ukulele Club

The Ukulele Club is open to all students who want to write songs and collaborate with other ukulele players.  We share songs, techniques, and we teach new members how to play!  We meet Tuesday afternoons, every other week, from 3:15-4:15.  For more information, please contact Jen Goodwin @

Ultimate Frisbee Club

The Ultimate Frisbee Club is open to all students. Students meet and practice ultimate Frisbee skills such as being able to throw and catch a Frisbee well. Students will also so some conditioning to improve their endurance. The Frisbee Club meets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in  September through early November, and then every Monday, Thursday & Friday in April and May from 5:00-6:30 on the Field Hockey field. For more information, please contact Melissa McCarthy @ or Robert Gibbons @


The Unicef Club is a volunteer based club that partners with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to educate, advocate, and fundraise for underprivileged children. The Unicef Club meets twice a month on Tuesday’s and/or Thursdays in Classroom # 225. For more information, please contact Amy Mongano @

Vegetarian/Vegan Club

To create a space where students who are vegetarian/vegan or students who are interested in learning more about becoming vegetarian/vegan can gather to have conversations and to promote vegetarianism.  We will create graphics to spread awareness of the positive impacts of being vegetarian/vegan and discuss how to have well-balanced vegetarian food options. We will also reach out to the community and promote vegan/vegetarian restaurants and menu options. For more information, please contact Melissa McCarthy @

Video Gaming Club

The Video Gaming Club is an opportunity for students to socialize and have fun together based on their hobby of playing video games.  Students will have an opportunity to play multiplayer games against each other, play single-player games, and spend time discussing gaming strategies and preferences.  The Video Gaming Club meets on Tuesdays from 2:15-3:00 pm in Classroom #001. For more information, please contact Mike Gorleski @

Viking Messengers

The Viking Messengers is a club for students who write letters to children with disabilities, veterans, and more.  Our mission is to uplift the community with empathetic letters and practice our own writing skills.  For more information, please contact Hannah_Brogi @ 

Viking Service Club

The Viking Service Club is a service based organization that involves monthly meetings and outreach opportunities. A few examples include, sandwich making for Grass Roots, Campus Clean-ups, Change Matters, and Blanket Making for the Homeless. Additional outside of school events are communicated with the group if the additional service hours are desired. Meetings are held 1-2 times a month and communicated via email and announcements. For more information, contact Liz Dolan @

When We All Vote Club

When We All Vote is about bringing awareness to the idea that voting is extremely important and maximize voter turnout by closing the age and race gaps in elections.  We hope to fundraise money for When We All Vote, integrate youth with knowledge about voting, and hopefully gain more active future voters in society and in our community.  For more information, please contact Jared Ettinger @

Young Democrats

The Young Democrats Club is open to all students interested in the views of the Democratic party, however, it is open to all political ideologies. The Young Democrats Club hosts debates, discussions and forums to discuss policy and current issues. The Young Democrats meet twice a month on Fridays in Classroom #154. For more information, please contact Hannah Gonzalez @