Stamp Project

In 2008 the English teachers and the students of Mt. Hebron began a project of magnificent proportions. During our 9th graders’ study of the Holocaust, we talk about the six million Jewish people who were killed. Six million is a number that is larger than most of us can even imagine, but we need to know how large it is so that we understand just how tragic the Holocaust was. In order to grasp the enormity, we began an effort to collect six million used postage stamps. Once we have collected all of the stamps, the National Art Honor Society will use the stamps to create a mural that depicts tolerance among all people and it will be placed in a prominent area of our school. In order to reach our goal, we will need the help of everyone in the community as well as in our school. We would appreciate your not only saving stamps from mail you receive, but also passing our project along to others who could help us see our project to completion. Please send your collection of postage stamps to:

Mt. Hebron High School  9440 Old Frederick Road Ellicott City, MD 21042

Thank you for your continued support of our project.