ARL Shadow Days - January

Wed, 12/05/2018 - 12:23pm

Winter ARL Shadow Days - 2019

Are you a 10th grader interested in a Career Academy at the ARL? Are you a 9th grader interested in Early College Cyber Security or the Aerospace Engineering program?

Do you want to know what a typical day at the ARL is like? You can attend the ARL Shadow Days during the school day on January 8, 9 and 10, depending which academy you are interested in.

Students have the opportunity to shadow classes at the Applications and Research Lab (ARL) and learn about programs before making course selection decisions.

The following dates are set for shadow days this Fall.  Students are provided bus transportation from their home school to the ARL in order to visit classes.  Students who wish to attend should see their counselor for permission forms, and must return signed permission forms to their counselor.

***All permission slips are to be turned in to your counselor no later than Thursday, December 20th***

Tuesday, January 8th AM (periods 1 and 2) - current 10th graders only

Computer Networking            Architectural Design                                      Graphic Design

Agricultural Science               Systems & Project Engineering                     Automotive Technology

Wednesday, January 9th  PM (periods 5 and 6) - current 10th graders only

Health Professions                                         

Wednesday, January 9th  AM (periods 1 and 2) - current 10th graders only

Finance           Biotechnology                        Animation                   HVAC

Homeland Security                             Construction Management          Cybersecurity Essentials

Thursday, January 10th AM (periods 1 and 2) - current 9th and 10th graders

PLTW- Aerospace Engineering (current 10th graders only)

Early College Program in Network Security (current 9th grade only)