Sports Teams & Virtual Engagement

Thu, 09/17/2020 - 8:33am

Registration for the first semester Sports Teams (all sports: fall, winter, and spring) Virtual Engagement is now open through HCPSS Connect. Parents/guardians may register their student-athlete.  After logging in, select More Options from the left menu and then Athletic Registration from the middle of the page.  Tip: you must be logged in as parent/guardian -- do not use your cell phone.

The Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association (MPSSAA) on September 11, 2020, finalized its plan for a two-semester return to athletics. With this plan, athletic practices and competitions will not resume until the second semester.

Per MPSSAA, winter sports will begin on February 1, 2021, fall sports on March 15, 2021, and spring sports on April 26, 2021. 

HCPSS coaches are permitted to engage with prospective team members for 60-90 minutes one day a week through January 22, 2021, excluding school closings or religious observance days. The SCHEDULE for those meeting days are: Mondays, fall sports; Wednesdays, winter sports; Fridays, spring sports.  Click on the schedule for MHHS meeting codes and times.

Here is the full HCPSS plan for first-semester virtual engagement with student-athletes.  Information about athletics is provided online and will be updated as new information becomes available.