G/T Seeking Parent Help with Intern/Mentor Program

Thu, 09/03/2020 - 3:16pm

Dear Parents, 

As the Gifted and Talented Advanced Research teacher at Mt. Hebron, I oversee the Intern/Mentor program.  As you might imagine, navigating internships during Covid-19 and virtual schooling can prove challenging.  Traditionally, our students’ internships involve a year-long, in-person, on-site experience with a dedicated mentor for approximately four-five hours each week.  

As with many professions, COVID-19 has forced us to think creatively in placing students in internships. As a team of GT teachers across the county, we are working collectively to maintain a high-level experience for our interns. We are excited to share Intern/Mentor programming options that provide potential mentors with a variety of ways to engage with and support our students in developing their career interests.

At this time, students are permitted to engage in the following internship experiences, either for a semester (October through January or February through May) or the full year (October through May):

·       Face-to-face internships - the student would be expected to follow all safety protocols on site, and the mentor, student, and parent/guardian would sign a contract to the effect.

·       Virtual internships - the student would work with the mentor on a project, but meetings and work would take place virtually.

·       Small-group virtual internships - the mentor would allow 2-3 students to work virtually on projects and would meet regularly to discuss progress and set milestones.

·       Hybrid internships - rather than mentoring one student for a length of time, the mentor would simply agree to 1-2 presentations over the course of the year where they might share their expertise, research, etc., with a group of students interested in the field from all over Howard County.

We have students at Mt. Hebron (and across the county) interested in all fields - business, clinical medicine, science research, computer science, engineering, art, education, etc.  If you might be interested in working with our program in any capacity described above, please email me at mkiehl@hcpss.org.  

I genuinely appreciate your consideration and wish your family well as we begin the new year.

Dr. Melissa Kiehl
G/T Advanced Research