HCPSS Safe Driving Presentations

Fri, 08/31/2018 - 1:22pm

There are 180 available parking spaces for students who drive. Seniors receive first priority. Seniors and juniors who wish to park at our High School must complete a parking permit application AND attend the required driving seminar with a parent.  Please be prompt!  

The Safe Driving Program dates are posted to the HCPSS Website.  Contact Dwayne_Williams@hcpss.org with questions related to Mt. Hebron parking permits.  Parking applications will be given out at the presentation. All Howard County students are required to pay a fee of $15 to park at school during the school day.   Students can bring their completed parking application, a copy of their driver’s license, registration, insurance card, and their $15 fee in the form of a check payable to Mount Hebron High School. View online