Course Selection for 2018-2019

Thu, 12/07/2017 - 2:28pm

8th Grade Parent Orientation has been rescheduled for January 11th at 6:30pm


Parents/Guardians - Dr. Miller shared this information with Mt. Hebron students this afternoon.
Your teachers have distributed several pages of information to students.  The first paper to talk about is the High School Registration Form.  This form will be yellow for 9th graders, blue for 10th graders, and pink for 11th graders.  On the top portion of this form your current teachers have recommended what level English, Math, Science, Social Studies, or World Language class you will need for graduation.  The middle portion of this form gives you directions for selecting electives and alternate choices online.  The back of this form is the Course Placement Review section.  If you or your parent/guardian are requesting a course placement different from your teacher's recommendation, the bottom portion of this must be completed, signed by you and your parent/guardian, and returned to Student Services by January 19th.

The next form is the Course Options for 2018-19.  This is also color coded, yellow for 9th graders, blue for 10th graders, and pink for 11th graders.  This form shows all the possible courses offered countywide for you to select based on your grade level.

The third form is the Mount Hebron High School Online Course Registration.  This contains vital information and dates about signing up for your electives and alternates online.  (link below.)

The last form, HCPSS Connect Online Course Requests, contains the step by step directions for actually going online to select your courses.  (links are below.)

Beginning tomorrow during lunch students can get technical help with logging into Synergy and seeing how to select online courses.  Tuesday's session is in Student Services and every other session will be held in Room 101.  Please see the posters and fliers posted around the school as to the dates of these technical Help Sessions.

Students will have 2 weeks to select electives and alternates.  Have conversations with your family about which courses interest you, which courses will help you in your future, and which courses are needed for your graduation requirements.  Take this process seriously, as you begin to plan your future.

All of your selections must be completed by January 19th.

Students will meet with their counselors during Social Studies classes to review course requests beginning January 29th, after midterms are completed.

In addition to the above announcement, here are links that were shared with students:
Here is the link for the online Catalog of Approved High School Courses:  
Here is the link to the online video for parents and students to view for instructions on how to enter course requests.