Attendance Policy


When a student is absent, the parent/guardian must report the absence to the school by e-mailing  The e-mail should include the following:

  • Student first and last name - absence in the subject line  
  • Send from the e-mail address on your family file 
  • Date and reason for absence
  • Parent name and phone number

Upon receipt of the note, the attendance record in Synergy will be updated to reflect the excused absence.  

A student has five days from the date of the absence to send a note. If the note is received after the five-day grace period, the absence will remain unexcused. If a note is not received, the absence will be documented as Truant (unexcused). Please see the Secondary Student Handbook for more information.


What is considered an excused absence?
A lawful absence is an excused absence for any portion of the day under the following conditions:

  • Illness of the student
  • Death in the immediate family
  • Court summons
  • Observance of a religious holiday
  • Hazardous weather conditions (as determined by the Superintendent)
  • State emergency (as determined by the Governor)
  • Suspension
  • Lack of authorized transportation (school system transportation)


Early Dismissal/Late Arrival
If your student is going to miss class, please send an e-mail to & include the following:

  • Student first and last name and late arrival or early dismissal in the subject line 
  • Send from the e-mail address on your family file
  • Indicate what classes your student will miss, the reason for the late arrival/early dismissal, and if they will return to school
  • Parent name and phone number