AP Exam Registration

5/13/21 - AP Digital At-Home Exam Update
Exam Setup Schedule

Students have a three-day window to complete exam setup: Exam setup opens three calendar days before each digital exam and must be completed no later than the day before the exam.  The schedule for the first week of digital exams is shown below.

Note: For digital exams that take place on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, the window to complete exam setup falls across weekend days.



Students with Approved Accommodations

For students who'll be testing with approved accommodations, the personal information page in exam setup lists only the types of accommodations that are delivered through the digital testing app—extended time, breaks, and accessible form. Other types of accommodations won't be listed. Students can prepare by reviewing information about accommodations on digital exams on the AP Students site.

Students Having Technical Issues During a Digital Exams

Technical support is not available during digital Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Students who lose connectivity or have an issue with the Digital Testing App should attempt to quickly log back into the exam to resume testing. Support is not available because the exam time continues to progress for all students. The time lost during technical support would negatively impact the student's score.
Students who are unable to get logged back in, experiencing technical difficulties, or other disruptions, must submit makeup requests within the AP portal after the exam.


5/11/21 - Updates

For students who have signed up and paid for digital versions of the AP exams, the first digital exams start on May 18th. Digital exams must be taken at their scheduled time slot of 12pm and 4pm Eastern Standard Time. Due to the timing of the exams and capacity for at school testing, HCPSS is requiring that digital test takers participate in the exam from home. Please visit the AP Digital Testing App resource document to check software and schedules in preparation for testing. 

Students must login to the AP Digital Testing App 1–3 days before each exam day to complete setup. Please review steps 2-4 on the 4 Steps to Take a Digital Exam website to ensure that students are ready to test.

More AP Exam Updates - 5/11/21

1.  The final day for students to make any changes to their exam schedules is tomorrow, Wednesday, 5/12/21.  After tomorrow, students who are having emergencies on the day of tests for which they are scheduled can contact Mrs. Comberiate or Mrs. Hubbard directly when they are able and we will determine what their options are.  

2.  All students who have not paid for their exams will be moved to "no" or "unused" in the AP Portal on 5/12/21, and thus forfeit their chance of taking any of the exams for which they are scheduled.  If students are having a hardship and want to take the exams, they MUST contact us immediately so that we can figure out their options.


4/28/21 - AP Exam Updates

AP Testing begins next week!  Check the AP Portal to see when your exams are scheduled. 

If you still owe money for your exams, please email the AP Coordinators ASAP. 

If you are testing in-person, review this document carefully to see the in-person testing procedures. 

If you’re testing digitally:

  • School-issued Chromebook users: Follow the following steps to test out the Digital Testing App. 
  • Personal computer users: Follow the following steps to download and install the Digital Testing App.

All Digital Exams: 

  • Please be sure to do the practice exams in the app so you can see how all the features work before test day.
  • 3-1 days before EACH exam, authenticate and set-up the computer you plan to use for that exam. You will need to do this for every exam you take.
  • Check-in to the exam a minimum of 30 minutes before the exam start time. 

Please reach out to Ms. Comberiate, Amy_Comberiate@hcpss.org (410-404-8396), or Ms. Hubbard, Suellen_Hubbard@hcpss.org if you have any questions about testing procedures.

Good luck, Vikings!



4/19/21 - AP Exam Updates

AP Exam Payments  
The deadline for payment for AP exams was Friday, 4/16.  If you have not yet paid but would still like to take your exams, please contact your AP Coordinators asap to arrange payment (Suellen_Hubbard@hcpss.org or Amy_Comberiate@hcpss.org).

AP Digital Exam Information 
HCPSS has prepared a Chromebook-specific instruction sheet for accessing the digital testing app.  Students planning to take any of their AP exams digitally at home should read and perform the instructions as soon as possible.  Students that do not currently have an HCPSS-issued Chromebook but would like to have one to take the exams, can contact Michelle Brown (Media Specialist) at michelle_brown@hcpss.org as soon as possible to arrange for a device.

AP In-Person Exams
Students who are planning to take AP exams in person should begin preparing by familiarizing themselves with the dates and times of their exams and the specific rules and procedures that will be in place before, during and after their exams.  You can find all the important information here for In-Person Testing 

AP Live Reviews!
ALL AP Students can take advantage of College Board's Live Reviews offered via YouTube starting today, April 19th!  You can find the information, programming dates and times here.


4/7/21 AP Exam Registration Updates:

  • Students who want to make changes to their test administration windows must email the AP Coordinators asap!  Students who did not complete the survey by the 4/1 deadline have been placed in exam administration windows that reflect the HCPSS recommendations.  Students can still change their admin times from paper/in person to a digital option if they choose.  
  • Payment for AP exams is due by 4/16.  Payment options are check/cash dropped off at school to the attention of the AP Coordinators, or online payment using the Online Payment button on the MHHS website.
  • Students can drop off payment in-person to the AP Coordinators TOMORROW (Thursday 4/8) from 2:45-3:45.  Mrs. Hubbard and Mrs. Comberiate will be available at that time for questions and to receive payments.
  • Students can drop off payment anytime to the black drop box located at the front entrance near the left-most door (the drop box is facing the door near a pillar).
  • Students should only pay for the exams they want to take.  Students are not obligated to take any exam they do not want to take and there is not penalty for not taking an exam.  When paying for exams, please note which exams you are paying for.
  • AP Coordinators can be reached at suellen_hubbard@hcpss.org and amy_comberiate@hcpss.org.  We are not able to email using Canvas, so please always check the email address you entered in the AP Portal for our responses.

As always, feel free to contact us with any questions!
Mrs. Hubbard (suellen_hubbard@hcpss.org) and Mrs. Comberiate (amy_comberiate@hcpss.org)


3/26/21 AP Testing Update:

Please complete your AP Testing Choice surveys with exam choices asap - this information is due to College Board by 4/1/21!!  The surveys were sent to the email address in the AP Portal.  Please let us know if you are unable to find it or complete it!

We have updated any survey data we received as of 10am Wednesday 3/24 into the AP Portal - please check your choices in the portal if you completed their survey before that date/time.  Surveys received through today will be entered into the portal over the weekend.
**Exam admin choices will reflect the HCPSS recommendation UNLESS we receive a different choice via the survey.​​**

Any changes that are needed to exam choices after submission of the survey need to be made by contacting the AP Coordinators by email asap.
Payment for exams is due by 4/16/21.  Payment process information is available on the MHHS website (see updates in AP Testing).

Mrs. Comberiate and Mrs. Hubbard will be outside the building (front entrance) from 2:45-3:45 on Monday (3/29) to collect any payments/survey information and to answer any questions.  Payment can be dropped off at any time in the drop box outside of the main entrance of the school (black box near the left-most door).

To reach your AP Coordinators:  Suellen Hubbard - suellen_hubbard@hcpss.org
and Amy Comberiate - amy_comberiate@hcpss.org


3/16/21 AP Testing Survey and Payment Update

Every student in the AP Portal should have received a Survey via email yesterday.  The email was sent to the email that is in the AP Portal.  Students should use the drop-down menus in the survey to make their testing administration window choices for EACH exam they are taking, or to indicate that they are not going to take the exam by April 1st.  

Students should then calculate the total cost of their exams using the Cost Calculator and complete the payment process, either by delivering a check to the school, or by online payment using the Online Payment button on the MHHS Website (there is a 4% fee for using the online payment method).  Payment via check, cash or online (the receipt) should be attached to a printout of the survey answers and cost calculator and mailed or dropped off at school no later than 4/16/21.  There is a black drop box outside and facing the left-most front door of the school in which you can place an envelope with your survey printout and payment.  (When you are in front of the left-most door, turn around and the box is right in front of you.)  We will also be available for in-person drop-offs in front of the school on Monday, 3/22/21 from 3:30-4:30 and on Thursday, 3/25/21 from 2:45-3:45.  Additional in-person drop-off times may be scheduled as needed. 

Here are a few important points regarding the survey:

  • If you received the email twice, which one should you complete?
  • Students who are testing at a different location may get the email from both schools. You can complete either survey since the data gets rolled up to an overall district survey spreadsheet.  You only need to complete ONE survey.

If you didn't receive the survey email, what should you do?

Check junk mail and spam folders. Verify the email address that is in the CB portal. If you need to have the survey sent to a new address, then you will need to notify Ms. Comberiate or Ms. Hubbard and we will have the survey resent to your new email address.

The link says that the survey was already completed, what happened?

If you shared the link from the email with another student or received it from another student, the other student may have completed the survey. We would need to resend the invitation to a new email address. Students should keep their link private - do not share survey links because they will not work for more than one person.



3/8/21 Update on AP Testing Window Recommendations

The College Board recently announced 3 testing windows for AP exams this year.  The three administration windows contain different options of the types of exams they offer:

Administration Windows from College Board

Traditional Paper and Pencil In-Person Testing
Testing in-person this year will occur in school at Mt. Hebron. The majority of exams will occur at 8 am and noon. Students will need to report a minimum of half an hour before each exam.  Bus service will only be provided for those students who chose bus service with the hybrid option for school; otherwise, students must arrange their own transportation. All World Language and Music Theory exams will only be offered in an in-person format, per College Board rules.  Social distancing, masking, and other COVID protocols as required by HCPSS will need to be followed if testing in the school building. 


Digital Assessment Options
The College Board is offering digital versions of 25 exams. Digital exams must be taken at their scheduled time slot of 12pm and 4pm Eastern Standard Time. Due to the timing of the exams and capacity for at-school testing, HCPSS is requiring that digital test takers participate in the exam from home. Remember, World Language and Music Theory exams do not have digital options this year, per College Board.  Digital exams will require the use of an HCPSS chromebook (there is an app for testing this year that HCPSS will automatically install on each chromebook).  Students must designate the computer they plan to test on (we recommend the HCPSS chromebook) 3-1 days prior to EACH exam.  More information will be provided about this process. Digital exams may require the use of an embedded digital equation software (for math/science exams).  Also, digital exams have additional security protocols in place, including not allowing students to move back-and-forth between exam questions. You may read more information about digital exams here


Virtual Students and Testing Options
Students/families can still participate in-person even if students have opted for virtual instruction. Social distancing will be maintained during exam administrations. The HCPSS recommendations provide the best opportunity for success on the exam. Students/families that are not comfortable coming in to test for paper and pencil exam recommendations will have the option to switch to digital administrations for the 25 exams that have a digital format. 

To address these testing opportunities, and to ensure that students have both paper/pencil and digital options that fit their needs, HCPSS is offering administration options and recommendations (See Recommendations/Options by Exam). Students/families can decide to choose a different administration window, but the recommendations are based on course pacing, social distancing metrics, available proctors, and technology requirements.



By 3/12/21: Join the AP Portal for any AP course you are enrolled in or exam you wish to self-study for. Currently, students are being asked to focus on joining the AP Portal no later than 3/12/21.  Students MUST be in the AP Portal in order to take the exams this spring.  All students should have the join code from their teachers.  Anyone having trouble should contact the AP Coordinators ASAP.

By 3/12/21: Confirm that the email address in the College Board portal is correct.  This email address will be sent important communications from Mt. Hebron and from College Board about registering for the exam. 

By 4/1/21: Complete the AP Exam Choice Survey.  Beginning 3/15/21, students/parents will receive a survey via email to the email address entered by the student in their AP Portal account.  The survey will ask for identifying information from the student and the student’s selection of exams and exam administration windows.  Students/parents will receive an email with the recorded responses.  This information needs to be completed by 4/1/21 (College Board deadline) so we can order an appropriate number of paper exams. 

By 4/16/21: Calculate what you owe for your exams.  Once students have indicated which exams they want to take by completing the survey, they can calculate the amount they owe for the exams using the AP Test Cost Worksheet 

By 4/16/21: Submit your payment.  Payment can be made by check (made payable to “MHHS, AP tests”), cash, or credit card (by going to the Online Payment link on the MHHS Website and following the directions).  Payment can be mailed to the school or dropped off at the drop box outside the front entrance of the school. We will also be holding special “DROP OFF” afternoon events for parents/students to hand-deliver their information and to have any questions answered by the AP Coordinators. For verification purposes, payment should be accompanied by a printout of the results of the survey and the test cost calculator.  Families paying by credit card should print out the verification code and provide it along with the survey responses to prove payment.  Payment is DUE BY 4/16/21, or your exams will be canceled. 


If you have any questions, please contact your AP Testing Coordinators, Ms. Suellen Hubbard (Suellen_Hubbard@hcpss.org) and Ms. Amy Comberiate (Amy_Comberiate@hcpss.org). You may also contact Ms. Comberiate by cell phone -- 410-404-8396 with any questions, particularly any questions/emergencies on testing days, or Ms. Hubbard at 410-375-7179 with registration related questions.. 




Update on AP Testing Registration 1/11/2021
Happy New Year! 
As we move toward the end of the first semester of distance learning, we wanted to update everyone on the status of AP testing, registration and payment.  First, thank you to all of the students who are currently enrolled in Semester 1 AP courses -- you were diligent and responded to our requests for ensuring that you are in the AP Portal and we thank you!  If you are taking an AP course in Semester 2, stay tuned -- you will be given a Join Code for the AP Portal by your AP teachers during the first week of classes.  As some of you may have already heard, the College Board has announced that they are considering additional testing options for this spring.  Because we have not yet received explicit instructions or information about what those options would entail, and because we are waiting for the resulting county-wide instructions on how to proceed (given the current unknowns for fourth quarter instruction), we will provide more information about AP test registration and payment as soon as it is available.  Rest assured that you will have ample time to finalize which tests you wish to take and to make payment prior to the deadline, which will be April 13, 2021.  

We want you to have all the information you need to make your testing decisions. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Students will register and pay for all the tests they decide to take (from both semesters) by April 13, 2021. 
  • Instructions for registration and payment will be provided as soon as we have final information from the College Board and HCPSS.  We expect to have more information in early February.
  • Information about testing and payment will be distributed through AP teachers as well as on the MHHS website.  
  • The Google Sheet registration form that some students completed in the fall will be modified to incorporate both semesters and payment information.  

As we continue to navigate through the virtual learning environment and unknowns of testing, we will keep you informed through periodic updates as we have them.  Please don’t hesitate to email us with any questions or concerns.  Thank you for your patience,

Suellen Hubbard and Amy Comberiate, AP Coordinators
suellen_hubbard@hcpss.org and amy_comberiate@hcpss.org


11/5/20 - AP Deadline Is Approaching
Attention all Semester 1 AP Students!  By now, you should be registered in the AP Portal for all of your first semester AP courses.  If you have multiple AP courses, you should join each class with the separate join codes provided by your teachers.  In order to be able to take the exams in the spring WITHOUT paying a late fee, you must join each class in the AP Portal NOW!  Anyone not in the portal by Wednesday, 11/11/20, will have to pay a late fee to take the exam in the spring.  This late fee is charged by College Board - the AP Coordinators and Administrative staff cannot waive this fee.  If you need help registering in the AP Portal, finding a class join code, or with any other questions, please email us immediately so we can help you avoid any late fees.

Thank you!
Suellen Hubbard and Amy Comberiate
suellen_hubbard@hcpss.org and amy_comberiate@hcpss.org


10/12/20 - Update on AP Test Registration

Students and families,

The Advanced Placement (AP) testing program for the 2020-2021 school year has been modified to allow for the maximum flexibility when registering for exams. Students and teachers are navigating the change to the 4x4 block schedule while dealing with the uncertainty of the health and safety for spring testing. The changes below will hopefully help students feel comfortable registering for exams and demonstrating their knowledge.

Last school year, CollegeBoard implemented an emergency at home testing option. CollegeBoard is currently not planning to offer an at-home option and is expecting students to test in person with health and safety protocols. Due to social distancing requirements, some exams may be administered off-campus. Test site details will be shared as we approach the May test windows.


Critical Changes and Rationale for the 2020-2021 School Year:

  • All students in an AP class will be defaulted to “Yes” for taking the exam
  • CollegeBoard is waiving cancellation fees. This allows a student to decide up until the test date to not take the exam. Only students who take the exam will need to pay the exam fee.
  • Students who select “No” for taking the exam and then decide to change to “Yes”, will be charged a $40 late registration fee. The fee only applies after the Nov 13th deadline for first semester courses and the March 12th deadline for second-semester courses.
  • Students/families will complete a Google Form if they plan to take the exam. Submissions will be due Nov 13th for first semester courses and March 12th for second-semester courses.
  • Information on the Google Form will help AP Coordinators generate invoices and begin planning for proctors.
  • Payments for the exams will be due April 16, 2021. Any student who does not pay by this date will not be able to sit for the exam.  $95.00 per exam or $15 per exam if the student qualifies for a fee waiver.
  • If students pay early and then change their mind, payments will be refunded.
  • The payment process and payment options will be outlined on the invoices when they are distributed in early 2021.


AP Program Outline for Mount Hebron High School:

First Semester AP Courses

  • Sept-Oct: Students register for AP Portal using the join codes that AP teachers provide to students.
  • By Nov 13: Students/families complete this Google form to register for taking the exam.
  • Nov-Apr: AP Coordinators will invoice students/families based on November 13th form.
  • Apr 16: Last day to submit payment to participate in May testing.
  • May 3-14: AP Exams

Second Semester AP Courses

  • Feb: Students register for AP Portal using the join codes that AP teachers provide to students.
  • By Mar 12: Students/families complete a Google Form to register for taking the exam. 
  • Note: Form will be sent second semester.
  • Mar-Apr: AP Coordinators will invoice students/families based on March 12th form.
  • Apr 16: Last day to submit payment to participate in May testing.
  • May 3-14: AP Exams

Self Study/Exam Only Students

  • Students who are independent/self-study students who want to take an exam for a course in which they’re not enrolled need to:
  • Email Mrs. Suellen Hubbard, AP Coordinator, that they would like to take a specific exam for a course in which they are not enrolled.
  • Due to the steps needed within the AP Portal, the deadline for exam-only requests is November 9th.

If you have specific questions, please contact Mrs. Suellen Hubbard or Mrs. Amy Comberiate.

Be on the lookout for more information as it becomes available.  If you have questions about your specific course, please talk with your teacher.  If you have any questions about AP exams and the registration process, please reach out to the appropriate AP Coordinator:

Mrs. Suellen Hubbard - School-Based Coordinator - suellen_hubbard@hcpss.org.  
Mrs. Hubbard is the point of contact for questions about registration or other issues leading up to the exam.  Mrs. Hubbard is a Paraeducator with the Special Education Department at MHHS.

Mrs. Amy Comberiate - Testing-Site Coordinator - amy_comberiate@hcpss.org
Mrs. Comberiate is the point of contact during the two-week testing period.  She will be on-site during testing as the coordinator, including accommodations.  Mrs. Comberiate is an English teacher on leave from Mt. Hebron and currently serving as a long-term substitute in English at Mt. Hebron.

Thank you!
Mrs. Hubbard and Mrs. Comberiate