AP Exam Registration

AP Updates as of 02.11.22

The AP Exam Payment Process is Changing on February 15th!

On Tuesday, February 15th, we will be implementing a new system for paying for AP Exams.  This new system will send invoices by email to the parent of any student who has not yet paid for their AP exams.  The emailed invoice will be from My School Bucks and will provide a link to pay for the exams with a credit card (there will still be a 4% fee).  Parents/students can also still opt to pay via check or cash, brought directly to Ms. Hubbard in the Media Center or placed in the drop box in Student Services.  Once the invoice is paid, parents can check on Synergy through the Parent Portal to see that the exams are registered and paid.  Parents will receive reminder emails from the My School Bucks system until the invoice is paid in full.

Here are some common questions and answers about the new system:

  • I already paid for my student's exams, so do I need to do anything else?
    • No - if you already paid for the exams, completed the google survey form, and submitted a printed and signed copy to the AP Coordinator, you are fully registered.  
  • Can I still pay by check or cash?
    • YES!  You can still write a check payable to MHHS and submit it with the google survey printed form to Ms. Hubbard in the Media Center, or in the payment box located outside the Bookkeeper's Office in Student Services.  Cash payments should be made directly to Ms. Hubbard.
  • Can I still pay using the Online School Payment (OSP) system on the MHHS website?
    • No. The online school payment system will no longer have an option for paying for AP exams after 2/15/22.  To pay online, you will need to use the link in the My School Bucks invoice.  All payments received through the OSP have been recorded in student accounts.
  • What if I qualify for reduced exam fees?
    • If a student has identified that they qualify for reduced fees, the invoice will reflect the reduced fee cost for the exams.  If the student has not yet been identified as qualifying for reduced fees but believes they do qualify, please see Ms. Hubbard in the Media Center and she can adjust the fees accordingly.
  • Do I still need to complete the google survey?
    • Yes.  We need a completed google survey for each student, printed out and signed by the parent.  This helps us ensure that students are committed to the exams they are registered for, confirms any special circumstances that students may have, and verifies that they have permission to take the exams off school property.
  • I already paid for my student's exams but I still received an invoice for them.  What should I do?
    • Please contact Ms. Hubbard, in the Media Center.
  • I want to cancel an exam, what should I do?
    • In order to cancel an exam, you will need to contact one of the AP Coordinators (Ms. Hubbard or Ms. Comberiate).  You will be charged a cancellation fee of $40 per exam, which will be invoiced to you through My School Bucks.
  • How do I register for an exam for which I am not currently registered?
    • You will need to contact one of the AP Coordinators (Ms. Hubbard or Ms. Comberiate).  You will be charged a late registration fee of $40 per exam, which will be invoiced to you through My School Bucks.
  • How can I check to make sure my payment was received and my student is fully registered for their AP Exams? 
  • How do I get in touch with the AP Coordinators?
    • Ms. Hubbard is in the Testing Office in the back of the Media Center and can also be reached by phone, 410-313-2880.  You can also reach both AP Coordinators by email:  suellen_hubbard@hcpss.org and amy_comberiate@hcpss.org.


AP 2022 Exam Registration and Payment Directions

Testing Dates: May 2nd – 13th 


Steps to Register and Pay for AP Exams 

  • Log into your APClassroom account to make sure you have indicated to College Board you are taking the exams you plan to take.  If you did not decide which exams you want to take prior to 11/15/21, or you want to make changes now, you will need to contact Mrs. Hubbard. 
  • Complete the Google Survey entitled “AP Exam Registration and Payment Information”, then submit.  
  • Print a copy of your responses.  Have your parent/guardian sign at the bottom verifying permission to test at the off-site location. 
  • Use the online payment system on MHHS.hcpss.org OR write a check for your total amount made payable to MHHS (be sure to print your name and “AP Exams” on the memo line). 
  • Registration is complete once a signed copy of the survey and payment is submitted to Ms. Hubbard at MHHS.  Registrations can be mailed, dropped off to Mrs. Hubbard in the Media Center, or placed in the collection box outside of the Bookkeeper’s Office in Student Services. 

A student who wishes to take an exam for a course they are not enrolled in should use the same survey, but must work with Ms. Hubbard to add the exam.  

Steps to Verify Registration and Payment for AP Exams 

  • Login at https://www.hcpss.org/connect/ (Links to an external site.)  
  • Select “More Options (Family File, Report Cards, etc.)” on the left menu 
  • Select “AP Schedule” 
  • Review the exams listed and if payment has been processed 

Exam Fees and Deadlines 

  • The exam fee is $96/exam ($15/exam for fee waiver eligible students) and is due by Mar. 13th 
  • A $40 (per exam) late fee must be added to exam orders for students that entered join codes after Nov. 15th. 

Students have two options for payment:  online payments using a credit card, or check made out to MHHS.  Students can make as many online payments during the window of registration as necessary (thus creating an individualized payment plan for multiple exams).  Any payment made by check must be for the full amount and payable to MHHS.  There is a 4% handling fee for online payments. 

Fee Reduction
Economic issues should not prevent a student from taking an AP exam.  College Board allows fee reductions for students with acute financial need.  Additionally, there are Howard County funds that provide assistance.  Students who are eligible for free or reduced-cost lunches (under the National School Lunch Act) qualify for fee reductions for each exam they take.  If you do not qualify for one of the College Board approved aides, but are experiencing financial hardship, please contact Ms. Hubbard directly. 

Late Testing (May 17th – 20th)
Late testing is available for students who have conflicts with exams.  Students who have two exams that are administered at the same date/time have already been notified by Mrs. Comberiate that one exam has been rescheduled.  If you need to schedule an exam during the Late Testing interval, contact Mrs. Hubbard or Mrs. Comberiate as soon as possible.  The primary reason for Late Testing is for students who are taking two exams that are scheduled for the same session.  There are additional approved circumstances under which Late Testing (with an alternative form of the exam) can be arranged.  Some of these circumstances require additional fees.  Since there are often conflicts with graduation events, seniors should consider their schedules very carefully before requesting Late Testing. 

Students who cancel their exam registration will receive a refund, less the $40 cancellation fee charged by College Board.  Refunds will be processed after May 27th. 

Services for Student with Disabilities (SSD) are available to students with documented disabilities.  If you have a disability but have not yet documented it with College Board, please contact your school counselor Student Services immediately. 

Thanks for your cooperation and as always, please contact us if we can be of assistance!
Ms. Suellen Hubbard and Ms. Amy Comberiate
AP Coordinators
suellen_hubbard@hcpss.org, amy_comberiate@hcpss.org 




AP Test Registration Update

The Regular Registration window for AP Testing closed on 11/15/21.  We are still able to make changes to the testing choices, but there are now charges associated with those changes.  If you decide to take an exam that you are not signed up for, there is a $40 late registration fee.  If you would like to cancel an exam for which you are currently registered, there is a $40 cancellation fee.  These fees are charged by College Board, and we do not have the ability to remove them. 

Any changes you might want to make must be made by the AP Coordinators, Ms. Hubbard or Ms. Comberiate.  You can reach Ms. Hubbard in the Testing Office in the back of the media center, or suellen_hubbard@hcpss.org, and Ms. Comberiate at amy_comberiate@hcpss.org.  

Exam fees will be collected starting in late January.  Please watch for updates and Canvas emails regarding how and when to make the payments.  


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