AP Exam Registration

11/5/20 - AP Deadline Is Approaching
Attention all Semester 1 AP Students!  By now, you should be registered in the AP Portal for all of your first semester AP courses.  If you have multiple AP courses, you should join each class with the separate join codes provided by your teachers.  In order to be able to take the exams in the spring WITHOUT paying a late fee, you must join each class in the AP Portal NOW!  Anyone not in the portal by Wednesday, 11/11/20, will have to pay a late fee to take the exam in the spring.  This late fee is charged by College Board - the AP Coordinators and Administrative staff cannot waive this fee.  If you need help registering in the AP Portal, finding a class join code, or with any other questions, please email us immediately so we can help you avoid any late fees.

Thank you!
Suellen Hubbard and Amy Comberiate
suellen_hubbard@hcpss.org and amy_comberiate@hcpss.org


10/12/20 - Update on AP Test Registration

Students and families,

The Advanced Placement (AP) testing program for the 2020-2021 school year has been modified to allow for the maximum flexibility when registering for exams. Students and teachers are navigating the change to the 4x4 block schedule while dealing with the uncertainty of the health and safety for spring testing. The changes below will hopefully help students feel comfortable registering for exams and demonstrating their knowledge.

Last school year, CollegeBoard implemented an emergency at home testing option. CollegeBoard is currently not planning to offer an at-home option and is expecting students to test in person with health and safety protocols. Due to social distancing requirements, some exams may be administered off-campus. Test site details will be shared as we approach the May test windows.


Critical Changes and Rationale for the 2020-2021 School Year:

  • All students in an AP class will be defaulted to “Yes” for taking the exam
  • CollegeBoard is waiving cancellation fees. This allows a student to decide up until the test date to not take the exam. Only students who take the exam will need to pay the exam fee.
  • Students who select “No” for taking the exam and then decide to change to “Yes”, will be charged a $40 late registration fee. The fee only applies after the Nov 13th deadline for first semester courses and the March 12th deadline for second-semester courses.
  • Students/families will complete a Google Form if they plan to take the exam. Submissions will be due Nov 13th for first semester courses and March 12th for second-semester courses.
  • Information on the Google Form will help AP Coordinators generate invoices and begin planning for proctors.
  • Payments for the exams will be due April 16, 2021. Any student who does not pay by this date will not be able to sit for the exam.  $95.00 per exam or $15 per exam if the student qualifies for a fee waiver.
  • If students pay early and then change their mind, payments will be refunded.
  • The payment process and payment options will be outlined on the invoices when they are distributed in early 2021.


AP Program Outline for Mount Hebron High School:

First Semester AP Courses

  • Sept-Oct: Students register for AP Portal using the join codes that AP teachers provide to students.
  • By Nov 13: Students/families complete this Google form to register for taking the exam.
  • Nov-Apr: AP Coordinators will invoice students/families based on November 13th form.
  • Apr 16: Last day to submit payment to participate in May testing.
  • May 3-14: AP Exams

Second Semester AP Courses

  • Feb: Students register for AP Portal using the join codes that AP teachers provide to students.
  • By Mar 12: Students/families complete a Google Form to register for taking the exam. 
  • Note: Form will be sent second semester.
  • Mar-Apr: AP Coordinators will invoice students/families based on March 12th form.
  • Apr 16: Last day to submit payment to participate in May testing.
  • May 3-14: AP Exams

Self Study/Exam Only Students

  • Students who are independent/self-study students who want to take an exam for a course in which they’re not enrolled need to:
  • Email Mrs. Suellen Hubbard, AP Coordinator, that they would like to take a specific exam for a course in which they are not enrolled.
  • Due to the steps needed within the AP Portal, the deadline for exam-only requests is November 9th.


If you have specific questions, please contact Mrs. Suellen Hubbard or Mrs. Amy Comberiate.

Be on the lookout for more information as it becomes available.  If you have questions about your specific course, please talk with your teacher.  If you have any questions about AP exams and the registration process, please reach out to the appropriate AP Coordinator:

Mrs. Suellen Hubbard - School-Based Coordinator - suellen_hubbard@hcpss.org.  
Mrs. Hubbard is the point of contact for questions about registration or other issues leading up to the exam.  Mrs. Hubbard is a Paraeducator with the Special Education Department at MHHS.

Mrs. Amy Comberiate - Testing-Site Coordinator - amy_comberiate@hcpss.org
Mrs. Comberiate is the point of contact during the two-week testing period.  She will be on-site during testing as the coordinator, including accommodations.  Mrs. Comberiate is an English teacher on leave from Mt. Hebron and currently serving as a long-term substitute in English at Mt. Hebron.

Thank you!
Mrs. Hubbard and Mrs. Comberiate