Principal's Message

Hello Vikings!  

I hope that the school year is going well for you and your students and that you are seeing the type of progress that you were hoping to see.  Interim Reports will be sent home to parents on October 6.  This report will show grades for the first half of the marking period.  Please do not wait to communicate with teachers if you have concerns.  We have many supports in place that can help students succeed, but students need to be invested in the process.  

After School Programs:  

In an attempt to provide students with more support, our Media Center is open until 4pm on most days.  We hope to have an activity bus on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well to provide transportation to students who stay after school for help, clubs, and activities.  Our after school programs will include help in English and Math, as well as tutoring from teachers and students.  Most departments have programs set up for students, so talk to teachers about what your son/daughter can do to perform better in class and where help can be found.

Homecoming Week / Spirit Week:

Our SGA sponsors an annual homecoming week with tons of activities to get students involved and it is a highly spirited time.  This will run from September 30 to October 8.  Students dress up each day as they show their school pride.  The theme this year is "Vikings Travel Around the World" with each grade assigned a city:  9th = Cairo, 10th = Rio, 11th = Athens, 12th = New York.  The homecoming day breakfast, parade, game and dance is truly amazing and we hope to see you there!

Parent Drop Off:

We seem to have more parents dropping off students in the morning and this is causing our staff some issues in finding parking because the traffic backs up so badly in the Staff Parking Lot.  Please be aware that only one lane is for parent drop offs and that is closest to the school.  Parents can also use the lower Student Parking lot to drop students off in the morning.  If parents use both lanes into the Staff Lot, our teachers cannot get through the traffic to park.  Thank you for helping minimize the congestion; we appreciate it.

PSAT Day – October 19:

The PSATs are given to students in 9th, 10th and 11th grade on October 19.  This is a very important test and is used to help students get into college.  It helps them by seeing how well prepared they are for the SAT and the scores provide us with important information that we use to target gaps in learning as well as students who may not be meeting their potential.  Also, the PSAT has a National Merit Scholarship (Mt. Hebron has two National Semifinalists this year) that identifies top performers.  Please encourage your students to do their very best on this test.

Lastly, we strive to make school a positive experience for your students each and every day.  Please contact your son/daughter's teachers, counselor or administrator if you have any questions or concerns.  We hope your year is off to a great start – Go Vikings!

Dr. Andrew Cockley